Episode 1
Episode 1

July 11 at 8/7c

Jack Daniel Distillery

Join master distiller Jeff Arnett, the seventh person to hold the position of master distiller at Jack Daniel's since its founding in 1866, as he takes us through the 2017 launch of their newest product, Jack Daniel's Rye Whisky.

Episode 1
Workers prepare to turn wood into charcoal at the rickyard
Making charcoal is an intense and elemental process
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A rare look at the craftspeople behind the most popular whiskies in the world

Few know the story behind the bottle. Remove the cap and take a sip of Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack or the new No. 7 Rye whiskey and you will be tasting history. The oak and mellow notes whisper of a complex process that blends the pursuit of human hands and earthly elements into the iconic whisky known simply around the world as “Jack.”

At the Jack Daniel Distillery, fathers work alongside sons, mothers alongside daughters, jobs are passed down like heirlooms, and every day, every drop of Jack Daniel’s is distilled on site, helping to share the story of a Southern town with the world.

Descend on the small town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, where every single Jack Daniel’s product starts, and get unprecedented access to the Jack Daniel Distillery and the proud people that stand behind the product.

Episode 1
The charcoal is the essential ingredient in mellowing the whiskey

Watch as grains—corn, rye and barley—and spring water are carefully combined to create a mash that is then distilled in large copper stills.

Next comes the fiery process that yields the maple charcoal used to filter or mellow the whiskey before it is finished in oak barrels. The whisky ages until it is ready to bear the imprimatur of the man that started this process over 150 years ago.

Like a perpetual handshake with the founder, that same label also bears the signature of the present-day master distiller responsible for overseeing the craft.

Meet Jeff Arnett as he talks about the fears, challenges and successes of extending the Jack Daniel’s product line, all while maintaining the consistency to craft and quality for which the brand is known.

Follow alongside Arnett and his team as they prep and launch the label’s first new grain bill since Prohibition, through to the historic launch of the new No. 7 Rye Whisky to aficionados and connoisseurs at a rooftop party in Nashville, Tennessee.

This episode speaks to the significance of rural America and the power of the philosophy that “every day we make it, we make it the best we can.”

Episode 1
Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel
Our guiding principle;
Every day we make it,
we'll make it
the best we can.
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