Episode 6
Episode 6

August 15 at 8/7c

Saint Blues Guitar

Forty years after helping Elvis make musical history, learn how a band of craftsman continue to influence acoustics and empower musicians with their commitment to quality.

Episode 6
Craftsman adds string to the guitar
Robert Fisher fine tunes the book-ended wood body of a guitar
episode synopsis

Legendary brand. Iconic City.

When Tom Keckler pulled apart his first electric guitar, he was simply looking for a way to pass the time along another long road trip with his bandmates while on tour in the late ‘60s.

By 1973, what was once a pastime had grown into both a profession and a passion, and Keckler found himself standing in the wings of Elvis Presley’s “Aloha from Hawaii” performance, perfecting pickups and finishing frets.

Soon after, St. Blues Guitars was officially born, opening shop along Memphis’ memorable Marshall Avenue, just doors down from the legendary Sun Studio.

Episode 6
Legendary music producer David Porter talks about Memphis' rebirth

This episode is a story of a group of committed craftsmen, motivated more by musical empowerment than by personal gain. Join them in their Memphis workshop as they unveil the ways of their craft.

Learn how they approach the selection of wood species with acoustics in mind and how precision can enhance sonic quality. They also discuss how they’ve incorporated technology to enhance competitiveness, while still maintaining the fit and finish of their trademark handcrafted method.

While this story centers around a Memphis-based brand, it is also a reflection on a brand based in Memphis—a place that has seen its share of past struggle and current renaissance.

Hear commentary from recording-industry royalty David Porter, former Executive and Producer at Stax Records, as well as actor Drake Milligan, star of CMT’s Sun Studios, as they discuss the deep roots of the Delta-region.

This episode speaks to the historical significance of music in the South and how sometimes “making it” at all can come down to making things the right way.

Episode 6
david porter, legendary producer
Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.
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