Episode 4
Episode 4

August 1 at 8/7c

Barrett Firearms

Only four men have ever designed a weapon adopted by the US military-- John Browning, Gene Stoner, John Garand, and Ronnie Barrett.

Episode 4
Designers and machinists focus on precision and finish
Ronnie Barrett sits in a test booth at the facility
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Like Father, Like Son

For Ronnie Barrett and his flagship 82A1 50 caliber rifle, it meant 10 fewer pounds in the backpacks of United States service men and women and pushing enemy lines back by over a mile due to advanced long-range technology. It meant husbands and wives, sons and daughters returning to their families, to their countries, simply because the tools they turn to in the worst moments imaginable proved to be reliable and dependable. It also meant amassing the best craftsmen in the country, each committed to a level of quality that placed performance over profit.

Episode 4
Chris Barrett showcases the MRAD in the lab

Get an inside look at the Barrett Firearms Manufacturing facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and relive the story about how a self-taught photographer with a knack for engineering ushered in one of the biggest innovations in weapons technology within the last 50 years within a gravel-filled garage in middle Tennessee.

Meet family-friend and country music legend John Rich talks about how Ronnie Barrett is a modern "walking, talking, breathing Samuel Colt" and how their maniacal attention to design and detail has ultimately saved human lives.

Then, go behind the scenes with us as we learn about how they look to disrupt weapons technology again with the MRAD. Designed by Ronnie's son, Chris Barrett, they have the opportunity to do something no one else has done in history. They can become the only father/son duo to earn an M designation with the United States military.

Follow along with Chris Barrett as he invites us into their lives and talks about the transition of taking over the company from his dad. Spend time with him as he takes us to a special place—his personal shooting range on his farm where he tests their creations including the most recent expansion in their company's product line, the Barrett Sovereign shotguns and Fieldcrest hunting rifles.

Episode 4
Ronnie Barrett
There's only been 4 people who have designed a gun that has been adopted by the US Military in the last 100 years.
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